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Trip to ‘Wakanda’ is a Family Affair


February 24, 2018: 11:00 AM ET

The Isler Family: Luther, Lexi, Lynn and Ashley


Next Stop, Wakanda!

The question isn’t, “Have you seen “Black Panther? “The question is“How many times?” Repeat visits to see the ‘Black Panther” is morphing it into a destination experience. During the blockbuster week; Harlemite Luther D. Isler dressed in African garb and took his family on a “trip” to fictional “Wakanda.” 

Luther, who stated he is not known for being an emotional person said, “[I] actually almost ugly cried three times and have no idea why.” In the same way many immersed themselves in the magical world of “Hogwarts”, moviegoers are having a special connection with “Black Panther.” However, in this instance African Diaspora seems to add an extra layer to this immersion experience. The Isler‘s happily posed “Wakanda” style with a “Black Panther” poster prominently in the background. 

Whatever the reasons behind the family’s delighted expressions, it’s clear the Isler’s enjoyed their stay at “Wakanda” aka the “Black Panther” movie. Next question, will there be a “Black Panther” Part II?


by Cher Mills