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‘What’s Eating NYC’ Covers The James Beard Foundation’s First Juneteenth Celebration

The James Beard House Juneteenth Celebratory events began a day early. On June 18th, four “Top Chef ” ‘alumni’, Adrienne Cheatham, Tanya Holland, Brother Luck, and Chris Scott, joined forces to celebrate the first-ever Juneteenth dinner at the James Beard House located in lower Manhattan.

‘What’s Eating NYC,’ one of the most anticipated TV shows of 2018 was on location outside James Beard House in the sweltering heat to interview the ‘Top Chefs’ for Juneteenth Celebration commemorating the freeing of slaves from Texas, the last state to keep slaves well after 1862 Emancipation Proclamation. For various reasons, many slaves were still unaware of their freedom. It wasn’t until June 19, 1865, three years after the emancipation proclamation that all the decedents of enslaved Africans were informed of their freedom.  Since then June 19, was marked as a day for remembrance and rejoicing.

The James Beard Foundation decided to commemorate their first Juneteenth Celebration Dinner by acknowledging diversity in the culinary arts by selected four culinary geniuses to collaborate the menu for the evening’s festivities:


Chef Adrienne Cheatham, formerly of Le Bernardin and Red Rooster, and currently chef and founder of her Sunday Best pop-up series, primarily ‘popping up’ in Harlem. Also, Chef Tanya Holland aka “The Legend” of  Brown Sugar Kitchen, located in Oakland, Chef  Brother Luck (yes, Brother LucK is his real name) of Colorado Springs’ Four by Brother Luck, and Chef Chris Scott of Brooklyn’s Butterfunk Kitchen and Sumner’s Luncheonette. The collaboration was a celebration past and present chefs of color.

This episode will be on featured on, ‘What’s Eating NYC’ premiere season produced by Executive Producer Paul Phillips and hosted by Tabitha Williams. Stay tuned to see each chef share their unique story with you. Having four chefs of African descent commemorate the Juneteenth Celebration at an establishment such as the James Beard House was an excellent opportunity to showcase the diversity of chefs in the culinary arts and to increase awareness about the Juneteenth celebration and its powerful significance.

Stay Tuned For One of the Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2018: “What’s Eating WENYC” 

If it’s happening in NYC, it’s on NYC!

by Cher Mills

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